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Every student should be provided with the finest education so that they’re prepared for a competitive workforce. The current state legislature is gutting public education funding and proposing legislation that hurts our students and our teachers. I’m running to be a defender and a fighter for our public school system so that all of our students have the opportunity to succeed. After all, Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”


The Voucher Program:

The state legislature wrote a program that allows for money to flow into private schools which would then, in-turn, take money from our hard-working teachers, from our developing students, and from our crumbling schools. We should be increasing public education funding, not gutting it to support private schools. 


Teacher Pay Raises:

Teachers are overworked and underpaid. In many instances, they have Masters degrees which make them significantly overqualified for their salaries. Our teachers protect and teach our children throughout their young lives. Education systems provide a necessary foundation to young individuals and our teachers are the pillars that must be supported.


Higher Education:

Not only should education be easily accessible, it should also be affordable. Too many higher education students leave undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral institutions with a significant amount of debt. These students begin their professional careers in the negative. Each student should be allowed to renegotiate their interest rates just as with most loans taken. Students also need more than six months of deferments and we should restructure the “Pay As You Earn” plan that accounts for unexpected expenses and a higher cost of living. I’m not advocating for a free higher education, but a system that is much more affordable.


Ronnie for Senate
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